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  • Is your website getting you the response you want or is it in need of an update? 
  • Do you think you better get on the Social Media sales track and make it part of your Marketing plan? 
  • Perhaps you are thinking a Newsletter will help boost your company’s presence and connect routinely with your customers? 
  • Have you changed your insurance and need to have an HR update? 
  • Too much time being wasted on trying to come up with catchy scripting for product descriptions or SEO rankings? 
  • Or worse case scenario, is your competition taking money from your pockets by stealing your clients because they are a current online business?

Writing By Capri puts you back in control, selling your company image with the professionalism you need.  We are a team of expert freelance copywriters, here to solve your marketing needs. We give you exactly what you are looking for … Solutions To Your Problems.

The expertise used for your newsletter, website, blog or direct mailing will be a progressive marketing tool, showcasing your services or products.  We simplify your life and give you an image you can be proud of.  






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 Website and Social Media 

We perform website analysis showing you where your website is strong and where it could use a bit of spurcing up. Creating trendy blogs to engage new customers is also one of our specialties. Your company is engaged while we hover quietly, analyzing, posting, updating and socializing.  One more thing to cross off your list.

White Pages & Press Releases

Did you just release the latest in biometric fingerprinting, or has a recent award named you as the Best Chef in town?  Let us compose and post your news, appropriate for your audience and timed for best saturation. We are well-versed in all media, deadlines are ALWAYS met.


Newsletters & Email Response

Your customers don’t always know they need you. Even a popular sales clerk’s story can put a smile on your clients face and make them want to hear more.

By posting your current sale or introducing a new product, you put your name in front of your customer, which creates interest and curiosity.  Let us create a connection with a newsletter and bring new and current customers back.


Dynamic Growth

If its time to take your business to the next level, our expert freelance copywriters can write the perfect message, delivering it with the most advantageous media tool. Creating interaction with your customers opens the doors to possibilities unknown.  A new business contact lines you up with a partner in another state and soon, you are recognized internationally.  You can get there quickly and efficiently, we’d love to help!


Dennis Campbell

After we dealt poorly with a product recall, we were worried that our business was going to fail. We had marketing people who could tell us how to promote our products, but nobody could tell us how to regain our customers trust and loyalty. Writing By Capri used tact and compassion in repositioning our image and put us back in the game.


Ashley Higgins

We knew we had a great product, but we didnt know how to take the business to the next level so that we could see real success. Our website marketing design was three years old, showing outdated language and unresponsive SEO.  The comprehensive analysis and update of our website done by Writing by Capri proved to be well worth the time and cost almost immediately. They worked with us every step of the way keeping our company image at the forefront and integrating without any downtime.

A Passion for great writing …



Determined to bring dignity and pride back to the written word, Capri began with her laptop computer and two freelance writing jobs from friends who needed composition above a ninth-grade level. From there, she helped small business owners improve their image and internet presence in an upscale and professional manner, while still retaining their unique personality.  As the internet grew, more and more people launched websites.  Good for retail markets, but few had the expert copywriting knowledge to project a professional image to bring in business.  

The gap grew, eventually being overrun by companies with multi-million dollar campaigns; these sites spent millions to control the search engine optimization (SEO), pushing small business into SEO oblivion. The need for copywriters who could compete with the dollar-driven powerhouses grew.   

Websites were thrown together haphazardly, written with poor grammar and boring copy. Their services and products were great, but on the web, if you didn’t play by SEO rules, you could easily fail. Capri began writing for small business, improving their imaging both on and around the internet. Lo and behold, it was proven, yes, an entrepreneur can run with the ‘big dogs’.

No longer does a company have to rely on its own devices to learn and write a successful campaign, the expert freelance copywriters at Writing By Capri can compose an image of your company which can compete nose-to-nose with the Fortune 500’s of today, as well as your competitor across town.

Because we believe creating growth is only helpful if the company’s spirit and passion are obvious, we’re driven to keep your company’s image first and foremost.  Each professional writer is paired with you perfectly, helping you achieve your goals quickly and affordably.