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Press Release – U Health Care – BioFire 

Aug 13, 2015 4:31 PM

(Salt Lake City)—Biofire COO Randy Rasmussen and University of Utah Healthcare CEO David Entwistle introduce revolutionary specimen analysis system


University of Utah Health Care and Biofire Medical Join Forces on Revolutionary Laboratory Testing-


You’re a pediatrician, working long days and late hours. The smallest of 4-year old’s lies on the examination bed, mother lying next to her and daddy standing as close to the bed as possible. The tight knit little family entered the emergency room 20 minutes ago, after having little Angela develop a high fever, vomiting, irritability/delirium, and sensitivity to bright lights. Everything is pointing to spinal meningitis. Speed is of the essence in receiving accurate results from your pulled specimens.

Enter the new molecular diagnostic system FilmArray, developed by a highly-sophisticated research team of University of Utah research physicians and Biofire technical experts. With a single swab specimen, FilmArray automatically does world-class sample prep, an incredibly high level of PCR multiplexing, and high-resolution DNA melting analysis. Though working with an extremely high level of science sophistication, this system can be performed by a child. Providing a level of accurate test results at such rapid speed on location is revolutionary, and will provide doctors and physicians valuable information within an hour. Results are quick and comprehensive, giving answers to physicians practically on the spot. Next month, this analysis reader will be introduced to the medical community. It is small enough to fit in the back of an SUV and opens an entirely new option for specimen results.

Biofire COO, Randy Rasmussen, former University of Utah Cardiology contributor, concluded this introduction with promise for an even brighter future.

“FilmArray panels are highly multiplexed, easy-to-use, and give fast results. All these factors are important in FilmArray’s success. We are offering the hospital lab the opportunity to materially improve patient care in the hospital for a whole class of patients.”
“This is a real validation of the great work that’s taking place here in Utah. We have some of the best overall health in the nation and we’re delivering health care at lower costs than anywhere else,” said David Entwistle, CEO of University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics. “We believe we can lead the nation during this time of change and predict the future to deliver even better outcomes.”

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