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Freelance Copywriting at its best

Having multiple industry clients over the past 20 years have taught us a few things.  A tactic which may work for one client doesn’t necessarily work for another.  One thing which stands true to all, though, is well written copy.  What you say to your audience reflects the product or service you offer your buyers; copy with errors in spelling or worse yet, grammar, turns the readers attention to mistakes instead of your product or service, discrediting your image and worse, losing revenue.

We’ve honed our skills to provide you with polished, professional messaging in any form you need. Whether you’re a small startup in need of website keyword structure or an established company looking to take your business to the next level, we can get you there.  This is freelance copywriting at its best.  



Harvey & Harvey

Harvey & Harvey began in the garage of a Las Vegas home.  It didn’t take us long to realize we were in  the way of our own success as an upscale insurance company.  Our website needed help.  Because a sizable portion of our business comes from our site, we needed to stand out in the insurance crowd, something hard for us to do.  We were at a bar-b-q when our friend told us about Writing by Capri. She said they had done a great job in creating more traffic to her website.  WbC took this need and rewrote everything, increasing our ranking and bringing three new accounts to us that first week.  We’re happy! 

-Doug Harvey, Co-Owner

Bailey Advertising

Capri left our firm to strike out on her own as a one-woman freelance copywriter many years ago.  She wanted to effectively market business websites for higher rankings and offer copywriting services for multiple business needs. Ten years after she rewrote our business plan, she is helping business clients of her own reach goals and surpass their expectations.  We are so proud of her accomplishments and integrity in the business.  Besides, she’s fun to work with!! 

– A. Bailey, Owner

Star Display

Owner Gale Hendry came to me with a job offer and a beautiful office.  Two years later, the website had been redesigned, three new clients had been signed on, and numerous accounts had rewritten marketing goals in the trade show industry.  The website brought in 200% more views than previously received just one month after launch, as well as interesting industry postings on our blog.  Star Display has a beautiful niche and luck found our paths crossing in successful sync.

– Capri Bailey                            former Marketing Dir, Star Display


My Ghost Host

My name is Charlene and I am a  ghostwriter for a local publisher.  My website had fallen into SEO  oblivion when I had contacted Writing by Capri.  I had a very enjoyable conversation with Capri about what I wanted and needed my site to do. She analyzed it, gave me suggestions, and filled in the copy and keywords where needed. The writing was intelligent and thorough.  I am now back in the ‘here and now’.  Even my publisher commented on how great my site looks. 

– Charlene Brooks, Author