The Art of the Written word

Writing is an art form.  As you read through amazing works from authors such as A.S. Byatt (Possession), Richard Russo (Empire Falls), or Chris Van Allsburg (Jumanji), it is apparent how important storytelling has been in man’s evolution and community.  How easy is it for us to picture a group of people, huddled around a fire, exchanging tales, both true and fictional?  Pretty easy!

Now, let me ask you this, when I said ‘people, huddled around a fire, exchanging tales’, did you picture cowboys sitting on rocks in the desert telling tales of Billy the Kid?  Or perhaps you pictured cavemen and women, jostling little ones with wide-eyed anticipation, telling of the huge saber-toothed tiger they saw that morning?  Or just maybe, did you picture yourself with a bunch of your friends, babysitting marshmallows during the latest version of an urban legend? 

Each one of us have been participants of storytelling in one way or another, and use it to fall back on when we read, listen, and watch others tell stories of their own.  We paint pictures in our minds of the words spoken.  Everyone’s picture is unique and different.  Our history, experiences, dreams, and desires (or fears!) play part in painting those pictures, and thus, the story comes to life.  The more vivid the words, the more vivid the mind movie.

Which brings me to the most powerful concept in copy writing today, though obviously it’s been a part of our lives since dawn – tell a story.  We see it in everything we do, simply because, it is an effective, enjoyable, and, when it’s done right, compelling way of delivering a message to any audience.  Grab the readers attention with a compelling story, and you’re on your way to writing a great piece of copy.

I’ll leave you with this thought as you move through your upcoming week … if you want to make a point to anyone, be it your neighbor to be wary of his dog barking or your boss to the overload of work you’ve been dealt, think of a story to tell it by.  Compare and conclude.  The message will be solidified in your listeners mind, and perhaps, they just may follow through with a call-to-action!

Good luck, and have a great week!


PS for more on telling a story and it’s importance when defining an idea, please click on the link below.


Tell A Story …


Capri Bailey

“Grab the readers attention with a compelling story, and you’re on your way to writing a great piece of copy.”


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