Want to work from Home?


Things to consider

The idea of not fighting rush hour traffic or paying exorbitant monthly fees for parking is seductive, not to mention having your own coffee brew setup beside you while your pet lounges at your feet. 

Before you launch into a full-blown job search, make sure you are the right type of person to succeed at remote work.

Successful remote candidates are:

– Focused in their work

– Committed to being available

– Savvy with technology when problems arise

– Current on  software communication tools, such as Skype, Zoom, IM

– Have a quiet office space free from interruptions.

Of course, these are just a few things that will need to be in place for you to be an elitist in the remote working world. 



For more information, check out these websites




Virtual Vocations











employer benefits

Employers vary in views of remote work/virtual employees. Some management opinions are suspicious of staff slackers or people who exaggerate time worked. Others view remote work as a lofty idea put in place for only IT positions and data entry services.

Some of the best advantages employers can gain from hiring remote help are:

– Little or no office space required, needing fewer desks, office supplies, filing space, and service needs

– Fewer interruptions and more focused production

– Drama circumstances which hinder task accomplishments

– Employee downtime for sick leave

– Remote workers stay healthier, needing less time off, as well as provide the employer with better health insurance options

As with employees, there are many more advantages for employers to have workers on a remote basis. These advantages can also increase depending on the business and circumstances.

additional Kudos

Work From Home, Remote Jobs, Virtual Offices, these terms are on many employers and employees minds of late, and for good reason.
Not only do people benefit from remote work, but our environment and climate will benefit too!
Having fewer cars on the road lessens combustion, office buildings and utility demands will decrease, and community infrastructure will have fewer demands, lessening cost burdens for local governments on roads, parking lots, traffic congestion, and community necessities.

Bottom Line –

Even before health issues made the thought of working from home advantageous, many companies and businesses adopted the concept of the ‘virtual’ workplace and its lucrative options. Until recently, however, smaller companies were more enthusiastic about the initiation than larger ones.

As more and more people embrace remote workspace options, though, finding your field of expertise on remote work job boards may be a bit elusive.

Hang in there!

If you don’t see your ideal job description among virtual and remote open positions, chances are you will within the next couple of years … until then, keep your bunny slippers crossed, it may happen sooner than you think!



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