• First and foremost, Have Faith in Yourself When you Start a Game Plan
  • Secondly, Do Something. Anything
  • Thirdly, Make a Plan, If You Need To
  • Fourth, Polish and Present



   I just finished ghostwriting and editing a 40 chapter book for a client in Savannah, Georgia.  I live in the desert of Salt Lake City, so needless to say, reaching for the ‘feel’ of the South, with its gorgeous sunrises and the dripping Spanish Moss, was a bit of a reach.  And nope, I never traveled to Savannah to write this.  The author said it was spot on, so much so she could smell the buttery grits and crispy  fried chicken.  

  My point being … if you have a dream, but you don’t know how to get there, just jump in.  It’s like riding a bike or swimming after 20 years land-locked.  Your natural instincts take over and you succeed.  And if you don’t?  Well, you know more than you did when you started.

  Start again.

When I began writing professionally, it was for an ad agency.  It was easy, as I wasn’t the only one responsible for the success of the campaign.  I just wrote the words and the profits rolled in.  I wrote from the heart, even in business.  the words were sincere and true.  It worked. 

Years passed.  Along the way, many complimented me on a well-written email or a letter that brought tears to the eyes.  Ever so often, I’d even look back on something I had written and thought ‘hey, that’s pretty good!’

Then came the day when I thought I could write for money.  Alone.  No one to bounce ideas off of, no one to blame if the  piece stunk, and no one to pay the bills if I didn’t nail the article or rank in the top three in SEO.  The words I wrote all of a sudden, carried more weight, and the weight of those words fell heavily on my shoulders.

Did this stop me?  Nope.  I kept it up.  Morning, noon, and night.  Heavy on the morning.  By the time night hits, my computer screen goes fuzzy.  But the point is this …

If it’s your dream

If you have a passion which keeps on haunting you 

If the one thing you imagine saying on your death bed is ‘I wish I’d tried ….’


Like my favorite Yoda quote … “There is no try, only do”

So, go out there and do it.  And let me know what it is you’re doing … I’d love to hear your dreams and accomplishments!

  1. Never think your dream isn’t worth doing – Pay no mind to the Nay-Sayers or the comments of dismay.  And yes, you’ll probably get them.       HINT: Take a look at what they’ve accomplished, then pat yourself on the back for even dreaming!
  2. Take action, even if it means you walk around the block to clear some thoughts up or think about the direction of your next move.  But MOVE!  If it’s a plan on paper, and you don’t do anything, then it’s just scribbles.
  3. After you’ve taken action, weigh what worked, and what didn’t.  This gives you direction and a bit of control.  You’ll see how important the action is, and you’ll plan more of it.  This makes you feel good!
  4. Move forward, keep trying new things until it feels right.  Then, there is nothing stopping you!


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