As Some of You Know

Improving one’s skills is or at least should be, at the top of our business goals.  Not only will these new or improved skills raise our worth in our companies and businesses, but it gives each of us a personal feeling of self-worth rarely achieved in other areas of our lives.  Learning in today’s business world is not as it was…

As some of you know, I completed yet another degree this past January (2019), which was a contributing factor to being quiet here (no posts), as well as on the Facebook/LinkedIn pages for Writing by Capri.  As I pushed through this degree (not my hardest learning-wise, but time-wise, very debilitating!), I not only judged my professors and academic contacts, but also the material I was asked to learn and master.  Have I stepped into the ‘senior snottiness’ of actually thinking I know it all?  Does reaching a certain place in one’s career give us the unconscious right to criticize others in their knowledge and abilities? 

I relayed this thought to one of my colleagues, a person I have worked side by side with for almost ten years.  He is a knowledgable visionary who not only sees today, but where today is leading us, and how we can prepare to take advantage of that knowledge.  He laughed,” Do you honestly think by aging you have developed a sense of superiority?”  “No,” I said,” but what I worry about is that I am judging others whereas I never used to judge anyone.  I either took them for what they were, as well as their abilities and skills, and either found that to be enough or searched elsewhere.  Now, it seems I am consistently finding laziness and claims of achievement where perhaps none is due.  And I feel justified in doing it!”

He looked me straight in the eye and spoke from the place where I admire him most …

“In today’s world, it is easy to become an expert.  The internet has given us millions of them.  Just check Amazon books.  I would say for every ten books you see listed under one of your searches, you will find perhaps one, maybe two, with new information you haven’t heard before.  Most are regurgitating the same ideas and putting their own label on it, calling it ‘new’.  What gives us credence in our search is when we meet these ‘experts’ face to face.  On the fly, do they actually know what they are talking about, or do you see through their facade?  Even when you don’t know the right answer, often you know the wrong one.”

And with these thoughts tucked neatly under my wing, I offer you this: don’t’ get sucked into the ploy of spending money, and worse, your time doing something which doesn’t feel right.  LIfe’s too short.  And so is your business day.  Getting my degree was well worth it, though I didn’t see this until the final capstone semester of my work.  I had a mentor who was incredible at helping me assemble what I had learned (from the online information, not from my professors) and present a new research study which not only fascinated my curiosity and gave me more information to continue further research, but also gave me a satisfaction that I was doing a great job, that I had mastered what I set out to master, and in the end, called the shots when others wouldn’t even hand me the gun.  He also gave me the confidence to step into the new area of knowledge with the tools I needed to succeed.

So, what did I do wrong?  Plenty, as far as being a student.  I didn’t ask questions but expected to have the information handed to me and I was to absorb it.  Today’s teaching has changed, due to the internet, and as learners, we need to embrace our own power.  in acknowledging this however, teachers also need to learn to bridge this process with questions to lead learners down a road of curiosity and give them a desire to learn.  It is more of a team effort now than ever, and everyone will benefit from acquiring the process.  Teachers don’t teach ‘classrooms’, they teach individuals, and you can’t treat the whole if we connect as just one.  And just as we will master this, we will have the opportunity to learn it all over again when the next ‘internet’ comes into our lives.

So, with this regurgitated mind-bend, I ask you this … have you figured out what I received my degree in … ????  

Have a great day… ;p






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